Anti-Aging Videos

Anti Ageing Face Yoga

Hate to go under the knife or needle? Then say no to anti-ageing facial surgeries and discover the magic of facial yoga! I have come forth today to share these awesome facial yoga techniques with you, because facial yoga has been a subject I have been covering in my videos quite often; and I had received more than a million views from my viewers on one of my previous facial yoga videos! Considering that facial yoga is something my tribe is so fond of, I thought why not have some more cool videos on this superb beauty regimen and motivate my viewers to make it a part of their lives. So to begin with, facial yoga has been a part of my daily routine for almost a decade now, and I must say, I have seen some mind-blowing results with facial yoga techniques—not only do I look younger but I also have a plump and firmer looking skin!

Easy Way on How To Get Rid of Eye Bags

Most people are looking for on how to get rid of under eye bags overnight. Under eye bags are not only unsightly and annoying, Stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, and fatigue also causes under eye bags. Though there are many spa treatments and massages available at the best salons to do away with the puffy bags outlining your eyes. But, is it wise to burn a hole in your pocket when it can be cured at home with the inexpensive ingredients accessible in your kitchen cabinet? If you are looking for the best tips on how to get rid of bags under eyes, then the following home remedies will prove helpful to you.

Anti-ageing, Face lifting massage

Face massage is one of my favourite ways of treating the skin, you don’t need to be afraid of massaging the skin, your face won’t sag thats a myth and you won’t do any damage. Its something I have done for years on myself and in my facial treatments and also in methods I have trained other therapists in, this video demonstrates how simple and effective it can be to lift and sculpt the face with methods from a professional skin expert and Facialist.

The Best Sculpting, Tightening and Lifting Face Massage

It’s no secret that I love face massages. A couple of months back I discovered this Tanaka face massage technique. After following it religiously for a couple of months I know that it has made my face sharper, tighter and thinner. Not a day goes by without this massage. However, it is important to see the original video as well. I’ve posted a links to all four parts below. Make sure you watch all of them and then follow part two, where the model does her own massage.

17 Anti-Aging Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

How to Get Young and Glowing Skin Naturally. How to help your skin look its best using cheap natural remedies? Your skin reflects what you eat, and that’s why topical creams and lotions can only do so much for its appearance. Since aging starts from the inside out, it’s only logical to start caring for your skin from the inside out as well. Here’s a list of common foods that are good for your skin.